Friday, August 3, 2012

GT1000FX 2U+ Fractal



Matrix Demo


Matrix demo by Pete Thorn

Axe FX II & Matrix GT1000FX

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Feedback email from Brian Kellner
regarding the @Fractal Audio Axe FX and the Matrix GT1000FX

I have given the Matrix GT1000FX a really good road test and for me
it is the perfect match with the Fractal Audio Axe FX II.
Its weight at 3.7kgs is awesome,
no more back ache and there are no valves to deal with.
The feel of the power amp is really good and the clean sounds stay really clean,
the cool thing is what you program in the Axe fx is what comes out of the Matrix.
My whole giging rack now weights under 10kgs
which makes it easy to carry on a plane.
I have more flexibility now than any rig i have ever owned.
Thanks guys for solving the last piece of the puzzle,
the dream is now reality. Happy days
Brian Kellner - The Bushman Brothers "

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matrix/GT1000FX 2U


"From the moment I pulled the GT1000FX 2U out of the box
it was clear how well built it was. It is light weight, only 4.1kg
which is a bonus from a touring point of view...
but most of all it is a pretty damn fine machine.
 It matches my Fractal Axe FX II down to the ground.
 It's loud, literally no noise or hiss even at high volumes
and it's very responsive, transparent, and loose feeling like a tube amp!!
I'm yet to feel any heat coming out of it thanks to the fan fitted on the back
which does it's job as it is meant to
(most amps are noisy and over heat even when fitted with two fans!!!).
I am looking forward to bring this on the road with Xerosun,
and look forward even more to not hearing the crew moaning
about their backs being put out ;)
A job well done Matrix, Jeffs-Xerosun"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

only 50 pounds

The signal chain is guitar -> G90 wireless
-> split with tuner side into the Vocalist Live Pro
and the main out into the AxeFX front input
-> AxeFx then split with Out1 going to the PA
and Out2 going into the Matrix GT1000FX Power Amp
and then to my Scumback M75-loaded cab (Stagecraft diagonal 2x12).
All is controlled with the MFC-101 and a pair of Mission expression pedals.

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