Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rig Rundown

Steve StevensがBilly Idolツアーで使用する楽器を紹介しているヴィデオを

Godin LGXTのビブラートユニットをフロイドローズに付け替え、

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friedman SS-100(メインアンプ)、Friedman BE-100、
Matrix GT1000 FX 2U パワーアンプ(x2)も見えます。

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


長年に渡って愛用していたH/H V800パワーアンプが姿を消し、
その代わりに導入されたMatrix GT1000FX 2Uを2台確認出来ます。


Monday, January 21, 2013

Matrix GT1000FX

"The Matrix GT1000FX is so powerful and cristal clear sounding!
It's an incredible piece of equipment and I couldn't be happier
with the tone I have now!"

Quote from Sam Oerlemans of Hitherside

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Matrix/GT1600FX power amp


Andy Hunt of Matrix Amplification, is proud to announce the release of
the GT1600FX power amp.

As it's name suggests, the GT1600 is a 1600 watt (bridged mono @ 8 ohms)
power amp, part of Matrixs' successful family of GT series, Class A/B output
power amps designed for guitarists wanting ultra lightweight, linear,
high powered rack mounted amps for use with modelling and pre amp solutions
as well as slave amping and wet dry wet rigs. These amps are gathering a large
following with many players ditching their heavy and expensive valve power amps
in favour of a back and wallet saving solution that has zero maintenance
(no expensive tubes to buy) and a sound that many players feel rivals
 if not betters that of their existing tube power amps. Even venerable players
like Steve Stevens and Megadeth's Chris Broderick to name two, have taken
the GT series to the heart of their rigs, with Steve in particular,
replacing the H/H  V800 power amps he's used for the last 20 years
in favour of the Matrix offerings.

So thats the pedigree, what's the GT1600 and why on earth that much power?

Bass players are no strangers to high powered amps for their low end needs
and have regularly used PA amps as part of their rigs along with a pre amp
 to shape their sound.  Power amp ratings may sound huge on the box but
usually when you get to the ohmages that we as guitarist are used to,
these large figures drop to a more manageable level. The GT 1600 is no exception
giving 800 watts a side at 4 ohms in stereo mode, 480 watts a side at 8 ohms and
240 watts a side in stereo at 16 ohms. Bridged mono modes are 1.6kw at 8 ohms
and 960 watts at 16 ohms. Compared to other power amps on the market this gives
a player unrivalled power for most cab solutions as well as giving clean headroom.
This amp isn't just for bassists though. Guitarists who need to drive higher rated
speaker cabs or 7,8 and 9 string players needing to take advantage of
high powered subs will also find the GT1600 to their liking.
The amp delivers this power in a 2U rack mount format at an unbelievable
4.7kgs in weight. The amp is kept cool via the use of an ultra quiet 80mm fan,
silent enough for studio use if needed but providing excellent airflow
under the most demanding of stage situations.

Connections on the GT1600 are via Neutrix combi 1/4" XLR input jacks
and combi speakon 1/4" output jacks which give the player maximum flexibility
with a wide range of products. Like all the GT amps the amp has stereo mode
where channel A and B inputs feed outputs A and B respectively, Parallel mode
where the input of channel A feeds both output A and B, obviously useful
when feeding the amp a mono signal but wanting to use say a 4 ohm cab and
an 8 ohm cab without linking them or rewiring or providing cabs
with the same mono signal. Bridged mode completes the switching options
which enables the dedicated bridged output socket on the rear of the unit.

Front panel controls on the amp are simple, with just the power button
which provides soft start and the channel volumes providing minimal user interaction
A set of display lights give power on, bridged mode, protect and mono status
whilst the signal lights near the volume controls give an indication of varying stages
of output level.  Along with the rest of the Matrix catalogue, the amp feautures
standard protection circuitry in line with other amps of this quality.

Whether you're a guitarist or bassist driving traditional backline,
or high powered passive full range cabs, the GT1600FX will deliver the sound,
power and quality you're after).

Number of channels-                       2
Watts per channel rms @ 4 ohms-           800
Watts per channel rms @ 8 ohms-           480
Watts per channel rms @ 16 ohms-          240
Bridged mode  rms     @ 8 ohms-           1600
Bridged mode  rms     @ 16 ohms-          960
Input sensitivity                         0.775V
Frequency Response (+/-3db ref 1kHz)      8hz-24kHz
Weight                                    4.7kg

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