Saturday, November 10, 2012


またFractal ユーザーにTy Tabor,Neal Schon,Steve Stevens
Tom Quayleときたらスルーも出来なくなり、

Matrix GT800 guitar Power Amp


Matrix GT1000FX and GT800FX guitar power amps, demo by Pete Thorn


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Matrix GT1500FXBD

Matrix GT1500FXBD w/d/w Demo

それよりもTascam iM2 Stereo Condenser Micのいい宣伝です(笑)

Intuition(TNT)のリフにぐっと来てしまった方は、まさにTHE 80'sファン!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3チャンネル パワーアンプ

Matrixより3チャンネルパワーアンプ GT1500FXBDが新たにリリースされます!
各チャンネル500w(4 ohms)の出力で、たった1U/3.8kgという軽量さです。


Number of channels: 3
Watts per channel rms @ 4 ohms-    500
Watts per channel rms @ 8 ohms-    325
Watts per channel rms @ 16 ohms-  150
Bridged Mode: Not Available on 1U model
Input sensitivity: 0.775V
Frequency Response: (+/-3db ref 1kHz)    8hz-24kHz
Weight : 3.8kg

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Matrix GT1000FX レビュー

I have been playing guitar in bands for the last 30 years or so,
and have always been a 100% valve purist: Valve pre and power amp as a must!!!
I have tried all manner of amps over the years, Marshall, Peavey, Mesa etc...
but was always happiest with a pure Marshall valve tone.
I went over to a rack set up some years ago, again tried everything,
but ended up with a Marshall pre amp, and Marshall power amp fitted once again.

I recently purchased an Axe FX, dubious that it could match a valve tone....
How wrong I was! Amazing piece of kit,
and was using it with my Marshall EL34 50/50 power amp.
However, I became aware of the MATRIX amps that everyone was talking about,
and the claim that they sound like a valve amp, were really small and lightweight...
again I was very dubious having tried a lot of SS amps over the years,
and none of them sounded any good in a guitar rig at all.
I therefore dismissed the claims for a while, but curiosity got the better of me
 in the end so I arranged to visit MATRIX to try an amp out.
Have to say, the level of service I received was quite remarkable,
and a refreshing  change to some of the service levels I have had
from other amp manufactures over recent years.
I tried out the Matrix GT1000FX and was totally amazed
at the well rounded valve type tone that this little lightweight amp could produce...
again, I had been wrong to assume SS could not sound round
and warm like a valve amp....
Very wrong indeed! Needless to say, my old 14U rig,
is now only a 4U and can be carried in one hand in and out of gigs,
and without the hassle and maintenance involved with a fragile valve set up.
I can assure you that my live sound is EXACTLY the same
as it was when it was 100% valve,
and the MATRIX amp still really amazes me every night with its sound.
Thank you MATRIX guys....
And if you know anyone who wants to buy a lot of old unused valve gear...
let me know :o) lol

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matrix GT1000FX レビュー


"I love my Matrix GT1000FX power amp !I still own my VHT 2502,Splawn Nitro head, and the other day I tried to compare them to Matrix, but they returned to it's boxes..Matrix has more punchy low end and huge headroom..Yes ..I had to boost some hi frequences on my Axe FX II to get similar to VHT,Splawn top/low end response..But low end is ubelivable clear and punchy with my Matrix..You have to be carefull with you speakers ! This small babe has a strong kick indeed.... the sound of this thing is sweet, takes only 1 U in my rack and weights nothig :-). I love this thing.."

"I have been using Matrix CFR12...just received it on Monday...been testing it for the past nights and is really amazed with the sounds that I can get...I have hooked up my Axe FX II to Matrix GT1000FX in stereo 1 side to my Blackstar 4 x 12 V30s & the other to Matrix CFR12...tested clean amps, high gain amps, piezo, bass amps & some mid range gain amps with the CFR12...clarity in cleans, tight & nice bottom end for the high gain, piezo is awesome & the mid range stuffs is excellence...the 4 x 12 V30s are nice but the CFR12 is got to hear it yourself...will try to upload some videos by the end of the week.."

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